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Very Best of Don Henley
Don Henley: The Very Best of (Aug 2)
Harrison Let It Roll
Let It Roll: Songs from Harrison (Jun 4)
Essential Michael Jackson
Essential Michael Jackson (Jun 4)
Bob Dylan: Together Through Life (May 3)
Al Green: Lay It Down (Mar 15)
The Very Best of Steve Perry (Feb 15)
Definitive Rod Stewart (Jan 26)
Bob Dylan: Bootleg Series Vol.8 (Dec 16)
Oldies But Goodies Super Set (Nov 11)
Oldies But Goodies (Nov 11)
Essential Billy Joel 3.0 (Sep 21)
The Browns: Complete Hits (Sep 21)
Frank Sinatra: The Best (Jun 08)
Van Morrison: Keep It Simple (Apr 19)
Very Best of ELO; Vol. 2 (Mar 03)
Rolled Gold+ (Jan 19)
Genesis: Turn It On Again (Dec 27)
Janis Ian: Ultimate Best (Dec 16)
Olivia Newton-John: Gold (Dec 16)
Petula Clark: The Ultimate Collection (Oct 30)
The Birth of Surf (Aug 18)
Gold: New Wave (Aug 8)
essential fleetwood mac
Essential Fleetwood Mac (July 29)
The Essential Paul Simon (Jun 26)
herman's hermit
Very Best of Herman's Hermits (Jun 21)
Dr. Hook: Hits and History (Jun 17)
The Police (Jun 09)
bobby vinton
Bobby Vinton: All-Time Greatest Hits (Jun 09)
The Ultimate Hollies (Jun 05)
Gold: 80 British
The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years
Gold: Soft Rock
Gold: British Invasion
America: Here & Now
ABBA: Number One
The Beatles: Love
Yusuf: An Other Cup
TimeLife: Malt Memories Shop
The Byrds: There is a Season
TimeLife: DVD
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