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Q: Top 10: Football songs (+ 1 Early bath)
top10 football songs

In preparation for the world cup and an associated plethora of new football songs, Matt Allen surveyed a scragtag squad of historical contenders and picked a starting 11 in this month's Q Magazine (Q288) - 10 of the best and 1 own goal... we've reconstructed that list here with the addition of some of our own thoughts. Tell us which of this starting team you like or loathe in the comments, and of course any glaring omissions.

Since this combines the clearly non-subjective nor inflammatory topics of music and football we're surely not expecting too much, though as the saying might go - One person's observation of an "incisive through ball" is probably still Alan Hansen's "atrocious defending"... or something along those lines.

Kick off!

Q Magazine online

1. World in Motion - England New Order (1990)

Italia '90 Official England squad endorsed single combines New Order, Paul Gascoigne and a John Barnes rap, a recipe for success? Judge for yourself... here's a youthful appearance of them on Top of the Pops live from their training base in Sardinia.

2. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit - Half Man, Half Biscuit (1986)

A cult b-side hit for the Birkenhead four-piece with a line in good song titles. Some subbuteo fan went as far as to manufacture unofficial replicas of the referenced team kit.

3. Three English Football Grounds - I, Ludicrous (1987)

Jangly guitars + drum machine + lyrics involving reviews fo 3 football stadia = John Peel fave.

We haven't been able to find a version of this online, if you've seen it somewhere please let us know in the comments and we'll add it.

4. Kicker Conspiracy - The Fall (1983)

Referencing George Best in this track, Mark E. Smith vents his spleen at FA bigwigs.

5. Belfast Boy - Don Fardon (1970)

George Best reference no. 2, a tribute to the late football great and legendary party animal, re-mixed and released on his passing in 2006.


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