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Action: The Sweet Anthology (2 CD)
action: the sweet anthology
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Title Action: The Sweet Anthology
Artist Sweet

There are many good rock bands that lack a good compilation album to properly introduce the band's history - and Sweet is surely of them.

As one of the superstars in the bubble-gum era, this England rock band had sent hit after hit to the UK chart during the 70s period. Despite having so many classics packed inside their pocket, there have rarely been a multi-disc greatest hits album for the band until 'Action: The Sweet Anthology'.

This 32-track compilation contains almost all of their memorable classics. From their early bubblm-gum tunes like "Funny Funny", "Co-Co", and "Little Willy" to their very last singles like "Sixties Man" in the 1980. While many rock fans would recognize their glam rock hits like "Blockbuster", "Balroom Blitz", "Fox On the Run", and "Love Is Like Oxygen", this album will show them that there are more for the band to be discovered. Like tropical tune "Poppa Joe", the telephone celebration "Alexander Graham Bell", and the romantic "Lost Angels".

Although there is still room for a couple more cuts, this album is more than adequate as a career-spanning introduction to one of the most underrated rock act of the 70s. And the only album most casual fans would ever need.

Track Song
Disc 1  
1 Funny Funny
2 You're Not Wrong for Loving Me
3 Co-Co
4 Alexander Graham Bell
5 Poppa Joe
6 Little Willy
7 Wig-Wam Bam
8 Blockbuster
9 Hell Raiser
10 Ballroom Blitz
11 Teenage Rampage
12 The Six Teens
13 Rebel Rouser
14 Turn It Down
15 A.C.D.C.
16 Fox on the Run
Disc 2  
1 Action
2 Sweet F.A.
3 The Lies in Your Eyes
4 No You Don't
5 4th of July
6 Lost Angels
7 Funk It Up (David's Song)
8 Fever of Love
9 Stairway to the Stars
10 Love Is Like Oxygen
11 Cover Girl
12 California Nights
13 Call Me
14 Big Apple Waltz
15 Give the Lady Some Respect
16 Sixties Man
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