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Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s(Series)
new wave hits 80s
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Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s(Series)

New wave is a gene of music that first developed in the late 1970s and became one of the most popular styles of music in the 1980s, until it slowly faded away by the latter half of the decade. Some said the singles from this period are the most colorful in music history, both in music itself and related art forms.

Rhino Records celebrate one of the most distinctive eras of music with the enormous 15-CD series ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. It is the most complete and thorough history of New Wave ever told on CDs, from the developing time in the late 1970s till the post-New Wave in the mid 1980s. The producers tried to collect the most significant singles from each year in order to represent the development of music throughout the period. Lots of well-known hits are scattered around the series, as well as non-hit gems. The series covers most of the major acts of the era, such as Blondie, Split Enz, Duran Duran, Adam Ants, Bananarama, ABC, Tears for Fears, Squeeze, B-52’s, etc. There are many album cuts and gems such as Boomtown Rats’ real-life shooting “I Don’t Like Monday”, Normal’s robotic sound “Warm Leatherette”, Stray Cats’ rocking-over “(She’s) Sexy + 17”, Wang Chung’s cool dance “Dance Hall Day”, and Violent Femmes’ superb “Blister in the Sun”. There are tons of one-hit wonders in this series including Plastic Bertrand’s silliest “Ca Plane Pour Moi”, Nick Lowe’s only top40 “Cruel to Be Kind”, the Buggles’ first MTV program “Video Killed the Radio Stars”, M’s immortal “Pop Muzik”, Big Country’s very own “Big Country”,  Devo’s avant-grade “Whip It”, Nena’s anti-war “99 Luftballoons”, Soft Cell’s number one “Tainted Love”, Spandue Ballet’s finest ballad “True”, Plimsouls’ New Wave standard “A Million Mile Away”, etc.

Although a true researcher might object that this series still missing some of the hits and one-shot artists such as Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Want to Rule the World”, Men At Work’s “Down Under”, Art of Noise’s “Paranoimia”, Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus”, and Baltimore’s “Tarzan Boy”. But it is just a minor flaw compare to what the series succeeds. For casual fans, this series serve as a complete introduction to the New Wave music. (You cannot buy one CD without going back and buy another!) For listeners who want to exploit the best the New Wave can offer, this is a true worthy investment.

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