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Instrumental Gems of the Fifties

instrumental gems fifties
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Instrumental Gems of the Fifties


The 1950s was probably the last decade where instrumental songs had a big share on popular music chart. In the years before rock & rolls, many of orchestra bands still found their places on the international level.

This double-CD album collects 40 of most memorable instrumental works of the decade. Many of tracks here are pretty rare on CD. There are several well-known songs such as Anton Karas’ “Third Man Theme”, Perez Prado’s “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White”, Roger Williams’ “Autumn Leaves”, Ray Anthony’s “Peter Gunn Theme”, and Les Baxter’s “Unchained Melody”. There are also several one-hit wonders including Johnny Maddox’s “The Crazy Otto”, Morris Stoloff’s “Moonglow and Theme from ‘Pinic’”, Hugo Winterhalter’s “Canadian Sunset”, and Santo & Johnny’s “Sleepwalk”. Some of the one-hit wonders here are really hard-to-find, such as Joe “Fingers” Carr’s “The Portuguese Washerwoman”, Moe Koffman’s “The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues”, and Frank Pourcel’s “Only You”.

This is an excellent collection for anyone who wants to glimpse the last period when instrumental still at its zenith.

Track Song
Disc 1  
1 Third Man Theme - Anton Karas
2 Sam's Song - Joe 'Fingers' Carr
3 Nola - Les Paul
4 Laura - Stan Kenton
5 Down Yonder - Joe "Fingers" Carr
6 Delicado - Percy Faith
7 Meet Mister Callaghan - Les Paul
8 Caravan - Ralph Marterie
9 Song from Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart?) - Percy Faith
10 Oh! - Pee Wee Hunt
11 Melancholy Serenade - Jackie Gleason
12 April in Portugal - Les Baxter
13 Ruby - Les Baxter
14 Dragnet - Ray Anthony
15 Ebb Tide - Frank Chacksfield
16 Skokiaan - Ralph Marterie
17 High and the Mighty - Les Baxter
18 Crazy Otto - Johnny Maddox & the Rhythmasters
19 Melody of Love - Billy Vaughn
20 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White - Perez Prado
Disc 2  
1 Unchained Melody - Les Baxter
2 Lisbon Antigua - Nelson Riddle
3 Autumn Leaves - Roger Williams
4 Moritat - Dick Hyman
5 Poor People of Paris - Les Baxter
6 Moonglow (Theme from "Picnic") - Morris Stoloff
7 Canadian Sunset - Hugo Winterhalter
8 Song for a Summer Night - Mitch Miller
9 Shifting Whispering Sands - Billy Vaughn
10 So Rare - Jimmy Dorsey
11 Portuguese Washerwoman - Joe "Fingers" Carr
12 Swingin' Shepherd Blues - Moe Koffman
13 Patricia - Perez Prado
14 Raunchy - Ernie Freeman
15 Tea For Two Cha Cha - Tommy Dorsey
16 Peter Gunn Theme - Ray Anthony
17 Only You (And You Alone) - Franck Pourcel
18 Quiet Village - Martin Denny
19 Sleepwalk - Santo & Johnny
20 Enchanted Sea - Martin Denny
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