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Hard to Find 45s on CD: Volume 10: 1960-1965
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Hard to Find 45s on CD: Volume 10: 1960-1965

Eric Records reminded listeners that there are a lot of obscure gems ready to be discovered in the tenth volume of their hard-to-find series. This volume concentrated on rare tracks from the first half of the sixties. Aside from some artists, like Jimmy Clanton, the songs on this album rarely came up on any CDs in the market. There were two-hit wonders like The Castells (both of them), Dale & Grace's small hit "Stop and Think It Over", Skip & Flip's "Cherry Pie" (another one is on vol.4). There were many tracks from artists that managed to hit the chart (top40 and below) just one time only. The highlights included Sunny the Sunglows' "Talk To Me", James Gilreath's "Little Band of Gold", Harold Dorman's "Mountain of Love", Tobin Mathews' "Ruby Duby Du", and You Know Who Group's "Roses Are Red My Love".

Track Song
1 Venus in Blue Jeans - Jimmy Clanton
2 Sacred - The Castells
3 Enamorado - Keith Colley
4 Talk to Me - Sunny & the Sunglows
5 Cherry Pie - Skip & Flip
6 Stop and Think It Over - Dale & Grace
7 Little Band of Gold - James Gilreath
8 That Stranger Used to Be My Girl - Trade Martin
9 It Hurts to Be Sixteen - Andrea Carroll
10 Baby Blue - The Echoes
11 (There Was A) Tall Oak Tree - Dorsey Burnette
12 So This Is Love - The Castells
13 Take Good Care of Her - Adam Wade
14 There She Goes - Jerry Wallace
15 Mission Bell - Donnie Brooks
16 Comin' Down with Love - Mel Gadson
17 Mountain of Love - Harold Kenneth Dorman
18 If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody - James Ray
19 Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me) - Jon Thomas
20 Ruby Duby Du - Tobin Mathews & Co.
21 Misery - The Dynamics
22 She's About a Mover - The Sir Douglas Quintet
23 Roses Are Red My Love - The You Know Who Group
24 One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart) - Barry Young
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