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Lou Monte Darktown Strutters Ball (Italian Style)  
Frank Weir with His Saxophone, Chorus & Orchestra The Happy Wanderer  
Sammy Davis Jr. Hey There  
LeRoy Holmes & His Orchestra The High And the Mighty  
The Cheers (Bazoom) I Need Your Lovin'  
Denise Lor If I Give My Heart to You  
Jackie Lee & His Orchestra Isle of Capri  
Betty Madigan Joey  
The Gaylords, Three Friends & A Stranger The Little Shoemaker  
The Five Keys Ling, Ting, Tong  
Norman Petty Trio Mood Indigo  
The Chordettes Mr. Sandman  
Eddie Calvert & His Golden Trumpet Oh, Mein Papa  
Stan Freberg & Daws Butler Point of Order  
The Three Chuckles Runaround  
The Chords Sh-Boom  
Bulawayo Sweet Rhythms Band Skokiaan  
Richard Maltby & Orchestra St. Louis Blues Mambo  
Don, Dick & Jimmy That's What I Like  
Stuart Hamblen This Ole House  
Georgie Shaw Till We Two Are One  
Jerry Vale Two Purple Shadows  
Deacon Andy Griffith What It Was, Was Football (Parts I & II)  
Jose Ferrer Woman (Uh-Huh)  
Dick Contino Yours  
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